Our services

Biomed works with clients who are passionate about their research and development of medicinal products and are committed to the unmet medical need that they are trying to solve.

Biomed  is engaged with clients throughout the product development and the registration process. This continuity of relationship builds trust and a deep understanding of the product and future strategy with the rollout to market. Clients also approach Biomed to help with launch activity and to plan for future management of their product across the World…

About Us

We are an expanding regulatory affairs consultancy supporting pharmaceutical companies in their ability to develop and offer healthcare products to patients, including innovative treatment.

Biomed provides strategy and tailored solutions to effectively overcome regulatory challenges during the entire lifecycle of medicinal products.

Why Us?

Biomed operates since more than 10 years in the pharmaceutical industry partnering with life sciences companies in their ability to develop innovative drug products in compliance with regulations.

Our collaborative approach is built on our independence, our regulatory affairs hands-on experience, but also on our intrinsic understanding of the needs of pharmaceutical companies in the life sciences industry.

We support pharmaceutical companies in their corporate strategy providing consulting services to overcome real and perceived challenges of the regulatory environment, in order to launch their innovative treatment solutions that will improve patients’ quality of life.